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Knitted Knockers
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For knitter making Knockers (for themselves or for donation):

      Ultra Pima by Cascade Yarns is the yarn the pattern was written for because of its softness and comfort when wearing.     

       All sizes of Knockers are needed for donation.  If you make a pair that are the same size, use a safety pin or string to keep them together so they can be passed on to someone who needs a matching pair. 

       The knockers pattern has a slit for stuffing, please do not sew this closed.  

  Please send the knockers unstuffed and be sure that all ends are woven.


Q1: The instructions say to tack the front to the back thru the center.  How can the knocker be stuffed if this is done?  And unstuffed for washing?
A1: We stuff them through the little hole in the side.  If you knitted them, it's where you bound off the stitches and then in the next round or row, cast back on.
Q2: The instructions say to thread the "tail" thru the ending stitches and pull tight.  This closes the opening for stuffing, doesn't it?
A2: When you gather the last ending stitches together, push the tail through to the inside, and using the little hole on the side for stuffing push the ending stitches close enough that you can sew a couple of times in to the inside of the knocker to secure the tail.  Then take that tail and the tail from the beginning and pull them through the hole to the outside of the knocker.  This allows you to hold the two ends together and tie an overhand knot.  Make sure the knot is secure and about 1/2 to one inch from each end, (the nipple and the gathered stitches.)  When you push the tails back inside, and stuff the knocker, this knot allows the back to be worked into a concave shape and the nipple to be pushed out. 
We don't sew up that little side hole.  This way the knocker can be stuffed, unstuffed, receive extra stuffing or made flatter if there is too much stuffing. 
Q3: What do I use to fill the Knitted Knockers?
A3: Poly-fil - this is available at most craft shops.


Q4: I would like the back to be smaller and flatter.
A4: If you are knitting the knockers for yourself and you would like the back to be smaller and flatter, switch to a Size 5 needle for that part. 
Q5: How do I determine the cup size of a Knitted Knocker?
A:5 If the Knockers are knitted to gauge, when you lay the completed knocker out flat (before it has been stuffed) and you measure the diameter of the knocker, the cup size can be determined as follows:
A = 5 inches; B = 5.5 inches; C = 6 inches; D = 6 3/4 inches; DD = 7 inches


For recipients wearing the Knockers:

         Wash by soaking in warm water and soap, rinse thoroughly, and gently shape.  Allow to dry completely.  Stuff, using as much or as little stuffing as you like.  One side (the Back) of the Knocker should be concave so it avoids contact with the skin, the other side perky but pliable.

        Knitted Knocker work well with swim suits too.


Click here for how to videos.