These Knitted Knockers patterns* we use.  
                                    a)  Knitted Knockers on DPNs In the Round
                                     b) Knitted Knockers Flat

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Where to send completed Knitted Knockers (unstuffed):
Knitted Knockers Charities
1415 E. University Drive A102
Tempe, Arizona 85288
Please include your name, mailing address and the quantity sent.
* These Knitted Knockers patterns are stored on ravelry.com.  Ravelry is a free online knitting and crochet community website.   Joining ravelry and signing up for automatic notification, you will get any pattern updates.  Our pattern goal is to have the "best" pattern possible.  Our patterns are periodically updated based on feedback from recipents, to fix errors or to make enhancements.  
Where to Send Competed Knockers
We would love to have you help us make Knitted Knockers.  The pattern that we use can be found on the link below.